Friends say Calvin was a mentor to many of the younger players

5. Filipino’s also love boxing with a passion, and when their most famous native son, Manny Pacquiao, fights, it’s like a national holiday. In fact, Filipinos are so supportive of “PacMan” that every time he has a boxing match, the Philippine National Police report that street crime drops to zero in Metro Manila, and the same is true in most of the country.

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wholesale nfl jerseys He was doing some sightseeing with a friend who was visiting from Boston. Calvin killer has still not been found.Tonight cheap nfl jerseys, 200 people lit candles, prayed and spoke about the man they said changed lives for the better.”Your son was a hero to so many of us,” said Father Joe Bradley.”Calvin Michael Riley was the older brother I never had,” said former high school teammate Thomas McCarthy, as he choked back tears.Friends say Calvin was a mentor to many of the younger players on the Junipero Serra baseball team where he attended high school.Investigators believe his killing was random.”I never saw him yell or get mad at anyone, he was the nicest kid in the world. 9 and I love you, Cal and I miss you,” cried McCarthy.”9″ was Calvin jersey number, which Serra High retired after his murder.”No one will ever wear number nine again,” said Serra Baseball Coach Craig Gianinno wholesale nfl jerseys.