Council three years ago, local activist Eugene Puryear met

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replica oakley sunglasses Thirty seconds to go. My toes and fingers began to tingle, and I “knew”, by some perversion of intuition, that I was going to pass out. I prepared by slowing down my car to about 45 miles per hour and waiting to black out. Council three years ago, local activist Eugene Puryear met tenants living in slum like conditions at a group of buildings near the Congress Heights Metro station. They were and are owned by Bethesda based Sanford Capital, a negligent landlord that has bought low income apartment complexes in the District since 2006. Tenants who can’t afford to leave, or don’t want to, are forced to live in squalid conditions while Sanford profits from both market rate and taxpayer subsidized rents at more than 15 sites across the city.. replica oakley sunglasses

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