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Replica Hermes Bags Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell ditched fiance just before their Greek nuptialsCamilla may have had a very lucky escape08:39, 2 JUL 2017Updated09:32, 3 JUL 2017(Image: Instagram) Get celebs updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThe nation’s heart broke when Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell ditched Camilla for Tyla but it isn’t the first time the cad has unceremoniously dumped a girl.Essex lad Jonny, 27, dumped fiancee Lauren Baxter just months before their wedding and it appears his ex didn’t take the dumping as well as bomb disposal expert Camilla.Sources said Jonny swept Lauren, 28, off her feet with a romantic proposal in Bali and as she planned their wedding in Santori, Greece, he lost interest.A pal told The Sun On Sunday : “Lauren was busy High Quality Replica Hermes booking her make up artist for her big day when their relationship came to a sudden, brutal end.Love Island spoilers: Boys return to the villa to explosive scenes which could see MULTIPLE dumpings in wildest recoupling yet”There is no love lost between them and she was not surprised with the cruel way he used and then discarded Camilla. She’s secretly quite pleased he’s shown himself to be the player she always suspected him to be.”Fashion designer Lauren from Chelmsford, Essex, has been liking a series of anti Jonny Twitter posts, which point to his love rat behaviour.According to The Sun, Lauren agreed with the sentiment Jonny was “choosing an easy shag over a diamond” and “Jonny keeps saying he wants a bubbly funny girl who’s more like him when he’s the most boring unfunny c I’ve ever seen.”Have your say on this storyComment BelowHe admitted to camera that Camilla “never ceases to amaze” him, after she kindly put aside her feelings and agreed to boot Simon out of the villa and save Tyla, giving Jonny a chance to get to know her better.”Camilla really is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve met in my entire life,” he confessed.”To have her sit me down and tell me, ‘You need to keep Tyla in because you see something with her,’ to hear that from her, it just melts me.”I can’t even comprehend how much courage it took her to guide me in to that decision. After everything, the girl is amazing, really a great person.”(Image: ITV Picture Desk)Meanwhile Camilla was in tears: “This sounds silly but I really miss him Replica Hermes Bags.

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