If the board got squirly from beingbounced around in shipping

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“Ten years of waiting and we are finally there,” Lazaneo said of the Texans first playoff game. “I had full head of jet black hair with no power alley’s when they started and hopefully I won’t be old and gray when they win the Super Bowl. I made a commitment to wear the Elvis suit until we have a Lombardi Trophy in Mr.

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The ex Disney star has seemed more than a little desperate to

Miley Cyrus has certainly been a point of controversy for the past year. The ex Disney star has seemed more than a little desperate to prove that her Hannah Montana days are behind her and what a grown up she is these days. Apparently one of the ways to do this is to strip off (apart from a weird frontal thong contraption) and pose for Terry Richardson.

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For the two party system they don want a third voice

62 percent of Americans that want a third voice on the stage, and they not getting their voices heard, and instead we having to listen to the two people with the most unfavorable ratings in modern history talk at each other, while the one sane individual that could keep it alive on the stage is being omitted simply because their afraid of him. For the two party system they don want a third voice. And his group are among millions of Americans protesting tonight debate in hopes of bringing more awareness to Johnson.


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Juliet Fire Marshal cites windy conditions TuesdayMt

What remains unclear is whether the federal government will feel compelled to do anything either for the jobless in their own backyard, or anywhere else in America. Like 1.3 million other jobless Americans, Burton lost her long term unemployment benefits on Dec. 28 when Congress failed to renew federal jobless aid.

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